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Saturday, 20 July 2013


Derwent Water from Black Crag

Its been well into the high 20s and low 30s all week up in the Lakes, even high on the fells. Its a really demanding environment and has taken a bit of extra thought for me to be able to perform properly and look after my clients.
First off dehydration can be a real problem, I drink 2l before leaving, carry 3l in my bag for the day and drink another 2l when I get back down. The old Polar explorers manta of "ration sweat not water" goes a long way to helping make it last the day. Setting a realistic pace is super important if my clients are to enjoy the day, pounding uphill at Naismiths 5kph is not going to do anyone any good, a steady "Sherpa pace" is what's needed, breath in on one step and out on the other. Choosing shady approaches to crags help and climbing corners or chimney routes prevent the feet cooking in rock boots and avoid sunburn. Making sure folk eat too, its tempting not too but it wont help in the long run with the salts lost through exercise.
Its the longest warm spell I can remember in the Lakes, long may it continue but 5 degrees cooler would be nice. 

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