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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Brant and Slape

Over in Eskdale teaching climbing the other day on Brantrake crag. Strange name, but Brant is a fairly common name in upland areas. An old word derived from Norse meaning steep and rake refers to the angle[of the crag], but often in the mountains describes a grassy break running up through the crag, such as Jacks Rake on Pavey Arc. And the rain, thankfully has been showery, and the warm rock drys quickly.
There is an awful lot of Norse influence in the place names of Cumbria and similar to the Gaelic names in Scotland, with a bit of knowledge, can give plenty of clues about the area you are visiting.  

So if yer on a brant crag, an it starts hossin' doon you'd better gan yam afer its te slape!

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