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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Its been a while! I've kind of been unplugged from the world for the last few weeks. At some point even I need a holiday, so I took a few weeks out to get some down time, to enjoy some of this summer for myself. I spent a fair while up in Scotland sailing. Its kind of life in slow motion, getting nowhere quickly but theres loads to do, fiddling about with sails and navigating. The winds where pretty crazy at times too and we spent more than our fair share of time stormbound, tucked away in little coves waiting for a fair tide and wind. Its nice to be totally out of touch for a while, the same reason I like spending time in the mountains.

The fells are starting to change here now, theres a hint in the air of Autumn, a couple of colder mornings threatening frost, but the days are warm, if a bit wet. Still new seasons bring new challenges. I went potholing the other day, something I do quite a bit of through the Autumn. Its a great way to start building the fitness required to spend most of my time in the mountains in the harsh winter conditions.  


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